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Feminine Health Part 2: Yoni Pearls, Vaginal Allergies & Looseness, Pregnancy

Welcome to Part II of my Feminine Health series! I answer questions about uterine fibroids, feminine products and body odor over on Part I but if you’re interested in learning more about yoni pearls, whether you can be allergic to your partners sexual make-up, the myth of vaginal ‘looseness’ and if it’s possible to sike yourself out of conceiving- this is the article for you!

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Top 5 Fitness Apps for Rapid Weight Loss

In my Joyous Healing Facebook, our first 30-Day Challenge is a Fitness challenge which inspired to create a list of the top fitness apps for rapid weight loss! The purpose of the group is to motivate my Joyous Girl Gang to incorporate healthy habits in 30 Day increments and what better way to do so than to use our beloved smartphones!

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The Power of Positive Self-Talk & How It Will Change Your Life!

What do I mean by the “I am”?  Well, it is the ways in which you describe yourself, the ways in which you explain your actions and beliefs. Think about that for several seconds. What do you tell yourself? What words do you use to describe yourself, and your habits?  This is self-talk! Psychology Today explains “cheerful and supportive or negative and self-defeating, this internal chatter is referred to as “self-talk.” Your self-talk combines your conscious thoughts with your unconscious beliefs and biases. It's an effective way for your brain to interpret and process your daily experience.”

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