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Jessica Jade is a health coach who empowers women of color to practice self-care that aligns with their feminine health. In this episode, Jessica walks us through:

How she noticed life-changing health conditions by doing what was scary and advocating for herself

How and why she created an organic skincare brand for women

Her best tips for self-care and wellness – in ways we don’t often think about.

In This Episode Jessica Talks About

The series of events that led her to health coaching

The concept and creation of her company, Sun Kiss Organics

The wellness landscape and where she sees black women in the space

Joyous Coaching services and Joyous Girls give back program

Her role as an activist

Host Mary Vin Rose talks to Health Coach & Skin Care Artisan Jessica Jade about her struggles with Celiac Disease and why Organic Beauty has changed her life. In this episode, they share how to make a DIY facial mask at home.

Hello, my loves! My name is Jessica Jade and I empower women to practice self-care that aligns with their feminine health! I am a Holistic Health Coach, the Wellness Writer of, and Artisan of the organic skin-care line SunKiss Organics. As a holistic health coach, I provide women with the tools and support they need to eat real food, live active lives, have beautiful glowing skin, and experience healthy relationships. In this interview she discusses her daily, weekly, monthly and yearly self-care practices!

Kim Dawson interviews Jessica Jade, Founder and Artisan of SunKiss Organics where they discuss marketing strategies to help you sell your artisan or craft products. If you're looking to get started with launching a business from your handmade products, and need guidance on how to go from idea to market, then don't miss this interview.

Mayvenn Hair spoke to Jessica Jade Batista, a certified Self-Care & Holistic Health Coach. She also is an Organic Skin-Care Artisan who is the CEO and creator of Sunkiss Organics. In our interview, Jessica Jade schools us on how we can remain flawless in 2018 without skin flare-ups or unnecessary bloating.

This week we give you all a two for one special in the realm of skincare and wellness. We sit down with two business owners on different ends of the spectrum. They expose the stuff mainstream won’t tell you! We thank Jessica and Michelle for conversing with us and dropping all the wellness gems so make sure you're ready to take notes!