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5 Reasons I Love the Moody Month App: Women's Moods, Hormones & Cycles

When Moody Month asked that I test their app I was immediately interested in the benefits it would have for the amazing women I serve. What it intrigued me the most about Moody Month is that it isn’t just another period tracker app. It empowers and informs women about their hormones and how it affects their mood. Watch my IG Story Recap below for my personal experience with Moody Month.

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Top 5 Fitness Apps for Rapid Weight Loss

In my Joyous Healing Facebook, our first 30-Day Challenge is a Fitness challenge which inspired to create a list of the top fitness apps for rapid weight loss! The purpose of the group is to motivate my Joyous Girl Gang to incorporate healthy habits in 30 Day increments and what better way to do so than to use our beloved smartphones!

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