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5 Reasons I Love the Moody Month App: Women's Moods, Hormones & Cycles

When Moody Month asked that I test their app I was immediately interested in the benefits it would have for the amazing women I serve. What it intrigued me the most about Moody Month is that it isn’t just another period tracker app. It empowers and informs women about their hormones and how it affects their mood. Watch my IG Story Recap below for my personal experience with Moody Month.

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Feminine Health Part 2: Yoni Pearls, Vaginal Allergies & Looseness, Pregnancy

Welcome to Part II of my Feminine Health series! I answer questions about uterine fibroids, feminine products and body odor over on Part I but if you’re interested in learning more about yoni pearls, whether you can be allergic to your partners sexual make-up, the myth of vaginal ‘looseness’ and if it’s possible to sike yourself out of conceiving- this is the article for you!

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How Your Digestion Impacts Hormone Imbalances + 8 Natural Tips to Balance Your Hormones

Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I've been obsessed with healing my gut in every way possible. During my hunt for gut healing resources, I became seriously aware that an unhealthy digestive tract can be a major contributor to hormonal imbalances in our body. From weight gain to hair loss to mood swings- your gut may be to blame! If you're suffering from any of the symptoms

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