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Oh, hey! I’m Jessica Jade - holistic health coach, natural skincare artisan and wellness writer. I’m the author of everything you’ll find at the Hub of Natural Living for Millennial Women!

My mission is to empower women to live joyous, abundant and healthy lives. I provide actionable steps to encourage women to confidently embark on their wellness journey. I share do it yourself (DIY) natural beauty recipes, healthy home tricks, and tips for living a balanced life. All of which align with my mantra:

You Are What You Eat. You Are What You Think & Feel.

You Are The Products You Use On Your Skin & In Your Home.

It’s as simple as that! Pay close attention to your food, exercise regimen, spiritual practice, and your household and skincare products, and you can be on your way to

Feeling Youthful & Energetic,

Having Glowing & Healthy Skin, and

Living A Life of Wellness & Joy!

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