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How Your Digestion Impacts Hormone Imbalances + 8 Natural Tips to Balance Your Hormones

Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I've been obsessed with healing my gut in every way possible. During my hunt for gut healing resources, I became seriously aware that an unhealthy digestive tract can be a major contributor to hormonal imbalances in our body. From weight gain to hair loss to mood swings- your gut may be to blame! If you're suffering from any of the symptoms

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Why Self-Care is a Must for Women + 11 Simple Self-Care Tips

It's time I get real about self-care! I am a huge fan of incorporating self-care into my everyday life. In fact, I took an online quiz that deemed me a "self-care maven" just last week. But a kick-ass self-care routine wasn't always part of my life and even after realizing the important role it plays in my life, I still struggle with incorporating it into my day-to-day sometimes.

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7 Yoga Poses for Healthy Digestion

The physical poses of yoga are known to help with many ailments. There are asanas for a sore back or tight hamstrings.  Asanas are the place in which a practitioner sits and the posture in which he or she sits. There are poses to help women alleviate pains while menstruating and even postures that can help you fall asleep at night. But did you know that yoga is also great for digestion?

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