5 Reasons I Love the Moody Month App: Women's Moods, Hormones & Cycles

When Moody Month asked that I test their app I was immediately interested in the benefits it would have for the amazing women I serve. What it intrigued me the most about Moody Month is that it isn’t just another period tracker app. It empowers and informs women about their hormones and how it affects their mood. Watch my IG Story Recap below for my personal experience with Moody Month.

Here are 5 reasons why I love the Moody Month App!

1. It does more than track your period! Yes, your hormonal cycle is linked to your period but the Moody Month app is more than a period tracker. It educates you, in simple terms, about your hormones! If you know me, you know I only promote a product or service if it is educational, and the Moody Month app helps you better understand every single day of your cycle. What I’ve learned using Moody Month:

  • Follicular Phase: As estrogen levels rise so will your mood! Your follicular phase is a great time to plan events and focus on a goal you've been wanting to achieve! During this week I increased my workouts, spent time with friends and began prepping to launch an Indie Go Go campaign.

  • Luteal Phase: Your progesterone levels are highest during your luteal phase. This can result in feelings of calmness for some women and fatigue or drowsiness for others. Drink a green tea in the earlier hours of the day to help you stay alert!

2. Moody Month also helps you support every phase of your cycle! It’s one thing to know what your hormones are doing but knowing how to make your cycle as smooth as possible is a miracle! So many women not only struggle with understanding their hormone levels but what to do about them! Here's how I’ve learned to support my cycles with Moody Month:

  • Menstrual phase: Eat warming and nutrient-dense foods such as kelp, sweet potatoes, brown rice. Also take supplements such as magnesium for cramps, vitamin B’s for breast tenderness and clotting.

  • Ovulatory phase: Eat fibrous, light foods such as quinoa, kale and berries. Also take supplements such Vitamin B6 for increased energy and Valerian to promote deeper sleep.

3. Helps you promote the best sleep of your life! Moody Month has my sleep on 100%. Why? Because they explain how your hormones will impact your mood every day, and give you tips for optimal sleep. If you know me, you know I am ALL about my sleep and findings new way for deeper, better sleep. Here’s how Moody Month has helped me improve my sleep quality:

  • Luteal phase: Despite increased levels of progesterone that allows you to sleep quickly, your luteal phase can also result in lighter sleep. Decrease your consumption of caffeinated beverages after 2 PM and reduce the use of devices 1 hour before bed to promote more restful sleep.

  • Menstrual Phase: Everything from cramps to increased body temperature can affect your sleep quality during the bleeding portion of your cycle. Wear light clothes to sleep to help decrease your body temperature, and strike preemptively by drinking calming tea for unexpected cramps.

4. Women just like you are giving Moody Month a try and LOVING it! Here are a few questions and excited comments from some of you who have reached about the Moody Month app!:

  • Q from 26 year old: “Is this app relevant for gals on the pill? Sounds amazing!” A: Yes, absolutely! When you first sign up they ask questions about your birth control to better serve you!"

  • Q from 32 year old: “Your reviews are definitely making me think of downloading. I’m just no good at continuously keeping up but I may have to try this!” A: I think you should! You don't have to log every day, but the more you give Moody, the more it will give you. So many woman have no clue what’s going on with their hormones. This app is definitely useful in letting you know what to expect each day, even without logging (especially if your cycle is regular). It’s also FREE and easy to use, so give it a try!”

  • Q from 40 year old: “I’ve been using the app ever since you shared it, and I like it!” A: YES! I do too. It simplifies everything!

5. Moody was created by women for women! Need I say more? There’s nothing cooler than women combining the world of tech AND feminine health into one space for the benefit of all womankind. As they say over at Moody, “Moody is a tech company built by women. Powered by empathy, we create tools to better female health.”

Meet The Experts - Moody Month Interviews with the experts behind new women's health app Moody Month. An all female group including Gynecologist, GP / Doctor, Personal Trainers, Neuroscientist, and Nutritionist talk about the connections between the menstrual cycle (period) and overall health and wellness.

Join the Moody train by simply downloading their app here! Now tell me, are you Moody? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to pin, tweet, like and share this post with your girlfriends! You can see more of what they’re up to over at @MoodyMonth!

5 reasons I love the Moody Month App: Women's Mood, Hormones, and Cycles