I'm Jessica Jade and I'm so excited that you're here! 

My Joyous Healing coaching programs will help you

  • Exude Confidence

  • Increase Energy & Stamina

  • Cultivate a Spiritual Practice

  • Manifest Healthy Relationships &

  • Experience Ease & Abundance!

As your health coach, I take a 360 degree view of your goals & lifestyle to create a customized plan to fully support you. 

It's like having a girlfriend that’s knowledgeable, intimately understands your goals & is an advocate for you every step of the way!

  • I evaluate your dietary needs and physical activity.

  • I look at your relationship with yourself, your family & your friends.

  • And I dive deep into your career aspirations, spirituality & the steps you take every day to be JOYFUL.

This approach gives me an in-depth understanding of what we can do together to help you live your healthiest life.


Click on the programs for an in depth look at the results and benefits you'll gain from each service.

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Jessica has been so incredibly helpful to me! I suffer from Chrons, severe Candida, Epstein Barr Virus and I’m pregnant. With her help, I’ve found alternatives to foods that are healthy to others but harmful to me and I’ve figured out how to eat healthy foods despite my Chrons. I appreciate all of her help!
— Kamisha S. (Ultimate Healing Program)
I love it! It’s so pretty, and the recipes are clear and simple. That’s what I like to see when I’m trying to do a cleanse. I love the shopping list and the simplicity of it all!
First off let me start off by saying thank God for Jessica jade!! She is not only beautiful, smart, honest and magnetic, but she is her true authentic self and her passion and loyalty for the community are very touching. I have a hard time trusting anybody but she had a way of getting down to the level that helped me open up. My consultation with her was beautiful!! She not only kept her word but she followed through. Her products are wonderful!!!! I love the lemon balm, the coffee scrub and serum, I noticed results in the first 3 days 😁Her journey to help women of color is profound may Jehovah keep continuing to bless her wonderful work. Shine bright like a diamond!
— Shamia C. (Light House Program)
I’m not the type to open up to people so easily but I’ve been working on self care this year and when I got Jessica’s information I was amazed at how easy it was to speak to her. All of our conversations felt like I was talking to my sister. She kept me on track even though I had a rigorous schedule with work and school these past few months. I’m so grateful for her guidance, patience and the knowledge she gave me. She genuinely cares and listen. Jessica has become a part of my circle. She’s more than a health coach and I would recommend her to everyone I know.
— Mical W. (Ultimate Healing Program)
When Jessica first pitched soul circle to me, I jumped at it right away. I loved the fresh approach to healing and sharing. Not to take away from the importance from one on one work, but group work is a great approach to feeling safe with sharing your story and identifying with others. It really helps to put things in perspective,  realize that we are not alone, find the support we need and uplift each other in the process. I really love what Jessica has put together. With her help I gained clarity, courage and comfort. If I could go to soul circle forever I would! Jessica is an amazing individual, I am filled with gratitude to be able to share space with her. She inspires me to be better everyday.
— Sasha M. (Soulful Circle Program)
My experience with Soulful Circle was nothing but nurturing and revitalizing. I felt like I was being listened to. Some of the discussions we had during our session encouraged me to reframe my thinking and dig deeper to find answers to challenges I was having at the time. I’ve also gained a deep appreciation to friendships and having someone who will follow up with you and hold you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself. Holistic wellness includes the body, mind and soul, which is what Jessica promoted in our Soulful Circle.
— Carolina A. (Soulful Circle Program)
I was shocked about 10 minutes into the consultation at how effortless it was to talk to Jessica. Her wealth of knowledge in varying aspects of wellness is incredible. She was quickly able to digest and connect certain parts about my stress levels, health, and nutrition. From her guidance, I have actively taken the time to check in with myself and my surrounding energies. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
— Maya S. (Lighthouse Program)