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3 Green Beauty Smoothies: Glowing Skin From Within

I've been in love with the simplicity and efficacy of green smoothies for about 5-years now. Why? Because eating three servings of greens and two servings of fruit every day isn't always easy to do. We live in such fast-paced world and, for me, there's nothing like slowing down a bit to enjoy one of my three green beauty smoothies.

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Coconut Butter & Cacao Squares Recipe

My entire life I was a serious junk food addict! Some people have a preference-sweets or salty foods. For me, it was ALL junk ALL the time. When I started my journey toward a healthier lifestyle , I knew that I would not be successful if I couldn't have the foods I craved. Creating healthy alternatives in order to avoid processed foods and sugar- was an absolute must!

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Yoni Health: Foods For Vaginal Health

Vagina. Vulva. Vajayjay. Coochie. Cookie. Hooha. Lady parts. No matter what you call it, your space down there, is more than just a channel for your monthly visitor, sex and birth. What if I told you that your beautiful lush vulva is an amazing source of power and sacredness? In Sanskrit this feminine life force energy is called a Yoni, which translates to sacred space or womb space.

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