Whip It Real Good: D.I.Y. Whipped Body Butter Recipe and Video Tutorial

Have you ever seen a whipped body butter and thought, "how did they achieve that perfectly fluffy consistency?" 

Whipped Body Butter

Believe it or not you, too, can craft whipped body butter in five simple steps. Once you have, you'll never go back to store-bought lotion or cream! Why? Because your skin will absorb the whipped body butter like water leaving behind smooth, supple skin. Store-bought lotion is laced with tons of unnecessary and harmful chemicals. Don't believe me? Just look at the label and google the ingredients. Many are linked to cancer, skin diseases and instead of moisturizing your skin it leaves it dry, flaky and parched. Do yourself a solid, and give this D.I.Y. a chance. Your skin will thank you!

Step 1: Gather your organic ingredients for the healthiest whipped body butter possible. Creating a perfectly whipped body butter comes down to two factors. The first is the ratio in which you use your ingredients. For example, too much Cocoa butter might result in a butter that's too hard to whip, and too much Shea butter might result in a butter that doesn't whip into the foamy whipped cream like consistency we desire.

  • (4 oz) Shea Butter is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the karite tree. Its shelf life is 1 year and is the perfect consistency for whipped body butters.
  • (2 oz) Cocoa Butter is a vegetable fat with a hard, waxy texture and a chocolaty scent. It's great at eliminating stretch marks and scars overtime. 
  • (1 oz) Sweet Almond Oil is lightweight oil that clears debris from your pores by seeping deep into your skin.
  • (1 oz) Vitamin E Oil is an antioxidant that prevents wrinkles and allows your skin to appear youthful by blocking free radicals.
  • (.5 oz) Coconut Oil is derived from coconuts. It contains fatty acids making it anti-fungal and highly moisturizing.
  • (40 drops) Lavender Essential Oil is relieves pain, is anti-fungal and enhances blood circulation. (Optional)

Step 2: Once you measure your ingredients, place your Cocoa Butter in a double boiler over low heat for 2 minutes. Proceed by adding the Shea Butter allowing both butters to melt. Hint: Do not leave your Shea and Cocoa Butter on the stove too long. Remember that the longer your ingredients are heated, the more the nutrient in both fats diminishes. Feel free to remove both fats from the burner even if there are still a few solid pieces of Shea Butter. 

Whipped Body Butter

Step 3: Now that your fats have melted, add the coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E oil. Once your mixer has cooled a bit, add your lavender essential oil. Stir all of the ingredients well and place in the freezer. After 30-0 60 minutes, remove mixture from freezer. It should be mostly if not completely solid. 

Whipped body Butter

Step 4: The second factor to crafting the perfect whipped body butter is how long you blend it! Many people stop after just a few minutes and can't understand why it's not the right consistency. With a handheld blender, begin blending your hardened mixture at a low/medium setting. Feel free to use a spatula or spoon to scoop any of the hardened mixture that remains at the bottom or edges of your container for an even blend. Continue to blend for 10-20 minutes or until mixture is fluffy with a whipped-cream like consistency.

Whipped Body Butter

Step 5: Scoop whipped body butter in a glass container.

D.I.Y. Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Whipped body butters are not only easy to make and healthier than store-bought lotions, but they're extremely hydrating and will be a hit with your entire family!

Below you'll find a YouTube tutorial where foodie, beauty and travel blogger MaryVinRose and I team up to show you how you use Teddie Organics ingredients like the Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to craft your very own whipped body butter.

If you tried making your own whipped body butter, which essential oils did you use? Did you tweak the recipe to meet your needs? Comment below to let me know.

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