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Whip It Real Good: D.I.Y. Whipped Body Butter Recipe and Video Tutorial

Believe it or not you, too, can craft a whipped body butter in five simple steps. Once you have, you'll never go back to store-bought lotion or cream! Why? Because your skin will absorb the whipped body butter like water leaving behind smooth, supple skin. Store-bought lotion is laced with tons of unnecessary and harmful chemicals. Don't believe me? Just look at the label and google the ingredients. Many are linked to cancer, skin diseases and instead of moisturizing your skin it leaves it dry, flaky and parched. Do yourself a solid, and give this D.I.Y. a chance. Your skin will thank you!

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Curly Hair PT 3: Three Tips for Flawless Hair

Before shampooing my hair I do what many curly girls refer to as a pre-poo. Instead of using a store-bought pre-poo, I craft my very own right in my Harlem apartment. My pre-poo is easy to make and is great for ladies who suffer from dry scalp, are looking to grow their mane and would like to hydrate their hair.

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