Creamy Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

Let me just preface this by saying, avocado pudding is one of the most nutritionally dense desserts out there. Avocados are a superfood! They are full of heart- healthy fats, folate, and carotenoids. Not to mention, they taste AMAZING. Long gone are the days of avocados only being used for guacamole (not that guacamole shouldn’t still be a staple). Now, it’s common to find them on toast, in smoothies, brownies, and even cakes! Who would have thought avocados could be so versatile?

30-Day Challenge: Why I Quit Sugar, Dairy & Gluten

A year ago, if you suggested I quit sugar, dairy, and gluten, I might have looked at you like you had a third eye on your forehead. Why? Because everyone who knows me is well aware that I love a huge piece of carrot cake! And when I say love, I mean I might bite your hand off if you try to steal a bite. Imagine my families surprise, and admittedly my own, when I decided to quit sugar, dairy, and gluten for 30-days. Quitting sugar, dairy and gluten is a battle I've often lost but the few times I triumphed resulted in a light feeling of satisfaction! Why? Because when you have food allergies, hay fever, Celiac disease and continuous inflammation in your gut cutting out this trifecta reboots your body!

Yoni Health: Foods For Vaginal Health

Vagina. Vulva. Vajayjay. Coochie. Cookie. Hooha. Lady parts. No matter what you call it, your space down there, is more than just a channel for your monthly visitor, sex and birth.  What if I told you that your beautiful lush vulva is an amazing source of power and sacredness? In Sanskrit this feminine life force energy is called a Yoni, which translates to sacred space or womb space.

15 D.I.Y. Natural Cleaning Supply Recipes: Detox Your Home One Product At A Time

For years, I was very particular about the cleanliness of my home. Even in college, I’d get down on all fours and scrub my bathroom floor and tub on a weekly basis. I had no idea that the fumes I inhaled while ritually cleaning my dorm room might be harming me in the process and that natural cleaning supplies were the solution.