6 Tips for Healthy Travel

Traveling and remaining healthy is a concept I cannot seem to master. If I'm being honest, I'm the definition of accident and illness-prone . So why would you take travel health tips from me? Let's just say I've learned a few tricks along the way.

Travel Health Tips

You're probably wondering, "just how illness and accident prone are you, Jessica? Where are your receipts?" I'll give you one example from my long laundry list of travel-related illnesses. 

The year? 2015. Location? Thailand. After a long day of site-seeing at some of the most beautiful beaches I'd ever seen with two girlfriends, we sat on the beach watching the sunset and hungrily awaited our Thai BBQ. The scene was picturesque, to say the least, and the food equally delicious. My mistake? I ate the squid. I had food poisoning for a week! My New Years plans went down the drain along with any food or liquids I consumed. YAY me!

When I say I've learned more than a few travel health tips, I am not kidding. I can write a book, but here are just six to keep you all healthy while traveling abroad.

Travel Health Tips

1. Drink Water! Staying hydrated is so incredibly important while abroad. When you're sightseeing and sipping on mojitos on the beach, it's easy to forget to drink water but it's the easiest rookie mistake to make that can seriously ruin your vacation. Also be aware of whether or not it's safe to drink water straight from the faucet. In some countries, it can be perfectly safe, but other times it can result in some serious tummy aches or worse.

2. Eat Healthy Meals When Traveling! This doesn't mean you need to skip that decadent chocolate cake or that you can't indulge in crispy fries but it does mean that if you know you will indulge in a not-so-healthy meal later on in the day, that you keep your breakfast and lunch healthy. It's all about balance, honey!

Travel Health Tips

3. Sleep as much as you can! You are on vacation after all. If you know you're going to have a late night, choose to sleep in the next day. Your body heals as you sleep and what better time to catch up on some Zzzzzz than while you're on vacation.

4. Cook your meals! Book an Airbnb or hotel with a small kitchenette. Restaurant food is notoriously unhealthier than home-cooked meals because you don't have control over the ingredients used in your food. During my most recent trip to Bermuda the BF and I would cook 2 of our meals while enjoying a meal in town for lunch or dinner. Hint: Cooking makes it easier to accomplish tip #2 as well.

Travel Health Tips

5. Stay Active! Being on vacation doesn't mean you need to throw your workout regimen out the window. It also doesn't mean spending an hour in the gym. Go for a 30-minute walk or bike ride and take in the views of beautiful city you're in or go for a swim in the pool or ocean. As long as you're in motion those moments when you indulge in cake or fries won't be so burdensome on your conscience or figure.

6. Avoid street food! No shade to street vendors but your body just isn't equipped with the natural bacteria found in the food street vendors sell. It's not the food, it's your body. Prevent spending a week bed ridden from food poisoning and tummy aches by avoiding foods sold by street vendors and eating squid on the beach.

Have any travel horror stories? Share them with me below. It'd be nice to know I'm not alone. 

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