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Why Self-Care is a Must for Women + 11 Simple Self-Care Tips

It's time I get real about self-care! I am a huge fan of incorporating self-care into my everyday life. In fact, I took an online quiz that deemed me a "self-care maven" just last week. But a kick-ass self-care routine wasn't always part of my life and even after realizing the important role it plays in my life, I still struggle with incorporating it into my day-to-day sometimes.

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7 Simple Tools To Reduce Stress

If you’re one of the billions of people experiencing chronic stress in your life, it’s an absolute necessity to your health that you find a way to reduce your stress level. Realistically, there are seasons in our lives when we are not able to dedicate much time to a self-care routine. Fortunately, there are many ways to incorporate mindfulness, or the act of paying attention, into our daily lives in order to feel less stressed. Here are 7 ways that you can reduce stress in your life immediately.

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14 Morning & Night Routines: My secret to productive days & restful nights

I was sold on the notion that creating a morning and night time routine was the key to living the energized, joyful and productive life I dreamed about. If a morning ritual would allow me to establish a level of productivity that would extend to the rest of my day, a nighttime ritual would help me disconnect from the world allowing me to fall into a restful slumber.

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