Why Self-Care is a Must for Women + 11 Simple Self-Care Tips

It's time I get real about self-care! I am a huge fan of incorporating self-care into my everyday life. In fact, I took an online quiz that deemed me a "self-care maven" just last week. But a kick-ass self-care routine wasn't always part of my life and even after realizing the important role it plays in my life, I still struggle with incorporating it into my day-to-day sometimes.

Why Self-Care is a Must for Women

Self-care became a priority to me when I realized that like all the women in my family, I'd become a martyr. They sacrificed their happiness and health for their family, and I sacrificed mine for my career. If I answered one more email before bed, it was worth not sleeping a full 7-hours because I could check off the last task on my to-do list. I thought that by sacrificing my mind, health, and soul- I could have it all.

In reality, I was unknowingly putting myself at the bottom of my own priority list. It somehow felt selfish to practice self-care when neglecting myself was what was truly selfish. Ignoring my self-care was like screaming to the universe that I didn't matter. That my hopes, dreams, and goals were secondary.

Neglecting my needs also created a lasting effect that resonated into all aspects of your life. It meant constantly being sick and waiting until the last possible moment to visit the doctor. It meant neglecting my friends and family because I was too tired to spend time with them. It meant staying at a job that made me deeply miserable, for the sake of a high paying salary. It meant ignoring my obvious signs of unhappiness.

As Jada Pinkett says, "you can't pour from an empty cup" and self-care does just that-fill your cups so that you can be fully present for yourself and others. Self-care is non-negotiable because it energizes, fuels and allows you to truly be your best self. When you're at an optimal state you can accomplish all of the goals and dreams with ease while being there for those who are most important to you. 

Why Self-Care is a Must for Women

Now that we've got WHY self-care is crucial in your life, let's talk about how to incorporate into your day-to-day. I know it can seem a bit overwhelming to add steps to your already busy life, but I've found a very simple way of incorporating self-care into your life. 

  1. Be specific with your new self-care goals. Don't make a general statement like, "I'm going to be healthy." Plot how you plan on doing so. Will you eat greens three times a day or will you join a joggers group that meets up twice a week? Concrete goals result in concrete results.
  2. Build upon existing habits. If you wash your face every night, apply a face mask 10-minutes before you wash your face. Or leave a glass of water by your bed every night so that drinking water is the first thing you for every morning. Creating new habits doesn't have to be difficult. By adding on a new self-care practice to pre-existing habits, you're more likely to do them.
  3. Don't do it alone! Recruit a friend or family member to remind you of your goal. Better yet, recruit them to begin self-care practice of their own and motivate one another to complete it. Having an accountability partner goes a long way!

As I mentioned before, I am a HUGE cheerleader for all things self-care. I go through my phases and sometimes practice self-care somedays more than others- I'm human ya know- but I've come up with a poppin' list of simple self-care tips you can add to your routine today.

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10 Habits to Incorporate to your Self-care Practice

  1. Meditate. You've heard it before, and I'll say it again- MEDITATE! It'll help you focus, center yourself, and it's the ultimate way to care for yourself. What better way to focus on yourself than looking inward?
  2. Treat yo'self to a massage. How many of us can really say that we didn't wish we had a massage therapist on deck? It's easily one of the best investments I make for myself.
  3. Exercise. Your internal health doesn't only mean caring for your mind but it means caring for your physical body as well. Staying fit will allow you to live a long life. 
  4. Cook a delicious meal! It's no secret that eating healthy foods is part of the trifecta of self-care. After all, you are what you eat. Preparing a delicious meal can be simple, fun and it's the perfect way to show yourself how much you care.
  5. Read a good book. Another way to care for yourself, and your mind, can be as simple as sticking your nose in a good book!
  6. Spend quality time with loved ones. I've found that there's no better way refuel myself than by spending time with my favorite people. Perhaps doing so will help you do the same. 
  7. Travel. Traveling the world solo or with a few of your besties is as fun as self-care gets!
  8. Sleep. Yes, I said it. Sleep in as much as you need. In the Winter or during PMS, I sleep more than I do in the Summer. I'm perfectly OK with it and consider it one of my favorite forms of self-care because it's exactly what my body needs. 
  9. Take a long, hot bath. There's nothing like a little T.L.C. and a hot bath is perfect for doing just that. Release your stress as you lay in steamy bath salt.
  10. Cloak your body in natural skin-care products. Am I the only one obsessed with rubbing nourishing body balms on myself after a long day? Self-care doesn't have to be  elaborate. It can be as simple as using your favorite products.
  11. D.I.Y. Masks. If you know me, you know I love masking. When face feels baby smooth and glows like the sun- I am happy! Here is one of my favorite D.I.Y. Masks.

Practicing self-care, in whatever form suits you best, is the perfect remedy to many of our woes. I am a firm believer that you take the time to care for yourself, it becomes second nature to live your fullest life while caring for others and serving the world. What are some of your favorite self-care practices? Comment below!

Why Self-Care is a Must for Women



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