Are you ready to joyously heal your health?

Health Coach- NEW YORK CITY

Well, you're in the right place! I'm Jessica Jade, Health Coach, and I am so excited that you're ready to invest in your health. I trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to

Support, Educate & Guide you to make sustainable changes during your health journey!

Why invest in a Health Coach? Because when you complete the Joyous Healing programs, you will

  • Exude Confidence
  • Increased Energy & Stamina
  • Cultivate a Spiritual Practice
  • Manifest Healthy Relationships
  • Experience Ease & Abundance

My approach as a Health Coach is unique! I take a 360 degree view of your goals lifestyle to create a customized plan to fully support you. 

It's like having a girlfriend that’s knowledgeable, intimately understands your goals & is an advocate for you every step of the way!

  • I evaluate your nutritional/dietary needs as well as your level of physical activity.
  • I look at your relationship with yourself, your family & your friends.
  • I dive deep into your career aspirations, your spirituality & the steps you’re taking every day to be JOYFUL.

This approach gives me an in-depth understanding of your lifewhat we can do together to help you live your healthiest life.


Services Available to You!


Lighthouse is a 90-Min Session that’s a beacon of light to jump-start your wellness journey.

Soulful Circle is a 3-Month journey with 2-3 other women with similar health goals that provides accountability and a sense of sisterhood


Joyous Cleanse is a 14-day Cleanse that provides a meal plan consisting of a REAL Food diet for weight loss and detoxification.

Ultimate Healing is a 3-Month journey with me that provides ultimate support, customized tools and bi-weekly 1:1 sessions for optimum results.


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I was shocked about 10 minutes into the consultation at how effortless it was to talk to Jessica. Her wealth of knowledge in varying aspects of wellness is incredible. She was quickly able to digest and connect certain parts about my stress levels, health, and nutrition. From her guidance, I have actively taken the time to check in with myself and my surrounding energies. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
— Maya S.